Xbox Introduces New Voice Reporting Feature.

Players now have the option to capture and report inappropriate in-game voice chats.

Xbox, the renowned gaming platform, has taken a significant step in enhancing player safety with the introduction of an innovative voice reporting feature. This new functionality enables gamers to capture and report inappropriate voice activity during multiplayer games that support in-game voice chat on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. By providing players with the tools to document and address verbal misconduct, Xbox aims to foster a safer and more inclusive gaming environment for all its users.

Xbox’s voice reporting feature is designed to be user-friendly and have minimal impact on gameplay. It allows players to quickly capture and resume their gaming experience, finalizing the report after completing their game.

Source: Xbox

Players have complete control over what they capture and report. The feature enables players to initiate the capture of the last 60 seconds of gameplay activity solely for content moderation purposes. Similar to capturing a game video, any clips captured using the voice moderation feature are exclusively used for content moderation and do not appear in the player’s recent captures. These clips cannot be downloaded, modified, or shared. The player retains sole access to the clip until they choose to initiate the reporting process, as Xbox does not save or upload any voice clips without the player’s consent.

The captured clip remains on the player’s console for 24 online hours, offering flexibility to submit the report immediately or at a later time. Xbox provides a reminder to report if the player hasn’t completed one within the 24-hour period. In case the player decides not to report, the clip is automatically erased from their console. Additionally, updates have been made to the notification system to inform the reporting player about whether or not Xbox has taken action based on the submitted report.

This is a great step forward in making gaming a much safer space for the community, which will end up empower gamers and also help grow the community into a much more friendly one. We can all remember the times when toxicity in gaming took it one step too far and drove us away from gaming for some time, and with this new feature, here’s to hoping gaming can be much more welcoming to everyone!

Try out this new feature on the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One Consoles today!

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