Warranty Policy

Thank you for your interest in our products and services of Gamers Hideout. This warranty only applies to physical goods purchased from Gamers Hideout.

Physical goods listed as below:
• Consoles
• Laptops
• PC Peripherals & Furnitures
• Monitors
• Mobile Phone and Audio Accessories

• This warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use within the warranty period.
• During the warranty period, Gamers Hideout will repair or replace at no charge, products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.
• If customers need assistance to contact the manufacturer/service center, Gamers Hideout service will be charged for RM150.
• All warranties have to be done within 45 days, otherwise a new product should be given to the customer if product is not returned within the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) period.

• Under the Gamers Protection Plan (GPP), consoles that are eligible for extended warranty can be sent to Gamers Hideout for repair.
• All Playstation Official products (PS5, PS4,Controllers) warranty claims should be directed to SONY.
• XBOX consoles and controllers have 3 months GH Warranty.
• Nintendo Switch Consoles have two types of warranty.

GH Warranty– Import set, 13 months warranty for Console, 100 days warranty for Joy-con cover by Gamers Hideout.
Maxsoft – Locally distributed, 12 months warranty for Console, 90 days warranty for Joy-con cover by Maxsoft

• Customers must be informed and have gained their consent that their data in the laptop will be formatted before sending the laptop for warranty.
• Passwords for the laptop should be provided when sending the laptop for warranty.
• To claim for warranty, everything in the laptop box must be kept properly.
All laptops RMA shall be charged RM150 after 7 days of Gamers Hideout services, it will then be returned within 45 days of RMA period or exchanged to a new product.
• Within 7 days, a new laptop can be provided only upon approval of the respective brand with valid reasons given, Gamers Hideout will send it for service to check for free.

All warranty must be sent to Gamers Hideout for warranty claims.
• All warranty for gaming furniture will only be done by parts, 1 to 1 exchange is not available.
• Customers are required to send the damaged parts to Gamers Hideout for RMA.
• No guarantees that a new product will be given for physical damages.

• For all brands of monitor, customers are required to contact onsite service of the respective brands to claim warranty, EXCEPT for TITAN ARMY Monitor.
• Customers will have to send the Titan Army Monitor to Gamers Hideout, and it will be sent to the service center for repair by Gamers Hideout.

For all phone products that are sent to the service center by Gamers Hideout, password must be provided to us.
• Customers must be informed and have gained their consent to the factory that their data will be formatted as their phone will be reset.
• All mobile phone issues shall be directed to manufacturers, however in any situation customers request assistance from Gamers Hideout, RM150 will be charged for Gamers Hideout service.
• Under the Gamers Protection Plan (GPP), headsets audio and mobile accessories are eligible for 6 Months or 1 Year warranty.

To obtain warranty service, customers must first contact Gamers Hideout to determine the issue and the most appropriate solution for customers before sending the defect item for repair/replacement.

Customer Service : +6016-2991681 [CALLS ONLY]