Surprise Launch of Quake 2 Remaster on Xbox Game Pass Following Months of Leaks

Kicking off QuakeCon 2023, Bethesda and ID Software have launched a remastered edition of Quake II. This enhanced version includes improved visuals, a fresh expansion, multiplayer features, and even includes the Nintendo 64 iteration of Quake II.

The remaster is currently accessible on Xbox One and Series S | X, Nintendo Switch, PC, as well as both PS4 and PS5. Furthermore, it can be accessed through Xbox and PC Game Pass subscriptions, and it is playable via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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This surprise release follows a similar pattern to the remaster of Quake 1, which arrived on Xbox, Switch, and PC. Just like Quake 2’s remaster, the Quake 1 remaster was revealed and launched on the same day during QuakeCon in 2021. QuakeCon, a major LAN party that dates back to 1996, continues to be one of the largest events of its kind worldwide.

The bring-your-own-controller event has consistently served as a hub for multiplayer experiences in the style of arena shooters. Interestingly, it falls almost perfectly halfway between summer gaming events like E3 or Summer Game Fest and the holiday shopping season. This strategic timing offers ID and Bethesda the opportunity to showcase their ongoing projects before their games hit the shelves. For instance, in 2018, ID Software’s leads took the stage to unveil extensive gameplay for DOOM Eternal.

Certain fans had been anticipating this remaster due to various hints that alluded to its existence. In June, IGN reported on a listing for ‘Quake II Enhanced’ on a South Korean ratings board, initially spotted by Gematsu. More recently, a dependable leaker in the video game industry, billbil-kun, not only predicted the announcement but also accurately pinpointed the game’s release time and the price of USD $9.99.

This remaster goes beyond being a simple upgraded version of the beloved 1997 FPS. Alongside a fully remastered rendition of the original game and its Nintendo 64 adaptation from the same year, this remaster introduces 28 new campaign levels and an additional Deathmatch map developed by MachineGames. Notably, MachineGames is the studio behind the recent Wolfenstein titles and the upcoming untitled Indiana Jones game.

QuakeCon isn’t the only significant event on the agenda for Bethesda and Xbox Game Studios this month. Gamescom, recognized as the world’s largest gaming convention, is set to commence on August 23. Microsoft has confirmed its participation in this event based in Cologne, Germany, where they plan to unveil fresh gameplay from Starfield, Forza Motorsport, and other projects.

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