Persona 3 Reload Social Link’s system might just be better.

Forging unbreakable bonds.

Persona 3 Reload players won’t have to worry about one of the original game’s most annoying feature, broken social links. 

According to Noisy Pixel, director Takuya Yamaguchi informed Famitsu that the development team will eliminate the option to break social links while retaining the option to reverse them.

“For the remake, broken social links are abolished while reverse social links are still a possibility. However, the conditions for falling into reverse have also been greatly relaxed, so it won’t be as easy to fall into the reverse state as the original game.” – Yamaguchi

Source: Atlus

If you don’t already know, social links are a key part of the Persona franchise where you level up bonds with the characters in the game in order to boost your overall combat power when it comes to the dungeon crawling sections of the game.

So just like in real life, if you treat someone badly, always cancel on hanging out, or leave them on read for a long week, it will usually result in a social link being broken.

This feature was removed in Persona 4 and Persona 5, so fans of the games will find this remake to be a little more familiar to them with this change.

YouTube video

With the latest gameplay trailer for Persona 3 Reload, we also get a glimpse at the whole new English voice cast, as well as several teasers on how Tartarus, the game’s central dungeon will look like, alongside a more detailed look at the new character models.

The game is planned for a early 2024 launch, however unlike Persona 5 Tactica which was announced for the Switch as well, this remake will only be releasing on PC, Playstation, and Xbox consoles.

Grab a copy of Persona 3 Portable if you want to try out the original updated version!


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