New Nintendo Console might be out in late 2024.

According to reports, developers have already received the upcoming next gen Nintendo console in preparation for its public launch in 2024.

As per information from VGC’s sources, Nintendo’s next-generation console development kits have been distributed to “key partner studios.” Similar to other platform-holders like Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo provides these kits to select studios before the official launch so they can begin game development and hardware testing. The report, however, does not specify the studios that currently have access to the new system.

Regarding the release date, multiple sources informed VGC that Nintendo is aiming to launch the rumored new console in the second half of 2024. While pricing details were not disclosed in the report, the previous console, the Switch, was initially priced at $300.

Though Nintendo has not made any official announcements, the supposed features of the new console were mentioned in the VGC report. It is speculated that the console will have a “portable mode” similar to the Switch, allowing users to play games on the go. To manage costs, the system might use an LCD screen instead of an OLED. The console is also expected to support both physical games through a cartridge slot and digital games. Additionally, the account system on the next console is rumored to remain the same for user convenience.

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As of now, specific details regarding the backwards compatibility support for Switch games on Nintendo’s next-generation console remain uncertain. Nintendo has expressed its desire to transition as many of the over 100 million users from the Switch to the new system. However, there are concerns from some third-party publishers who worry that providing legacy support for Switch games on the next-gen console might impact the sales of their new titles.

It’s not uncommon for platform holders to face this dilemma during transitions to new hardware. Balancing support for older games with the promotion of new titles can be challenging. Nintendo is likely considering different approaches to address these concerns while also providing a smooth transition for its user base to the new console. Further official announcements from Nintendo will be needed to clarify the extent of backwards compatibility and how it will be implemented on the upcoming system.

As per the information from multiple sources, Nintendo is reportedly aiming to release the rumored new console in the second half of 2024. However, specific pricing details have not been disclosed in the report. For comparison, the Nintendo Switch was initially launched at a price point of $300 (RM1300+-).

So Nintendo fans, what do you think? If the new rumored Nintendo Switch 2 would be ready for a Christmas 2024 release, would you be getting it? Why or why not? Let us know down in the comments your thoughts!

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