New feature coming soon: Stream XBOX Games on Discord

Microsoft is enhancing the integration between Xbox and Discord by introducing a fresh streaming gameplay feature. This advancement will enable Xbox owners to stream their gameplay directly from their console to Discord users. This means that friends can watch their gaming sessions, provide helpful tips, or even assist in overcoming challenges and boss battles.

The new feature is currently being tested among Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha rings. After successful testing, it is expected to be made available to all Xbox owners in the coming months. Similar to the existing Discord integration on Xbox, this feature will be seamlessly integrated into the Parties & Chats section of the dashboard. When connected to a Discord server, users will see a new “stream your game” option, along with various settings to customize their streaming experience.

Regrettably, the current integration between Xbox and Discord only allows for a one-way stream. As of now, users won’t be able to view streams from friends who are broadcasting on Discord.

Microsoft initially introduced a basic version of Discord on Xbox in September, which was further enhanced in November to enable direct connections to Discord voice channels without relying on a phone. Additionally, a few months ago, they added the capability to view Xbox gamertags in Discord calls.

Given the continuous improvements made to the integration, it’s reasonable to expect further additions in the future. This raises hope that we may eventually see the ability to view Discord streams on Xbox and possibly even participate in text chats during the gameplay. The collaboration between Xbox and Discord seems to be evolving, and users can anticipate more features to enhance the gaming experience in the times ahead.

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