Rubber Bandits – PC Digital


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Competitive Criminals Join your partners in crime with local co-op or online to create the perfect criminal dream team. 
Lawbreaking Levels Defy the laws of physics and bust out your bandits from highly destructible levels in classic heist themes like The Bank, The Museum and The Dock and more!
Chaotic Capers Assert your status as Top Bandit across various zany game modes, including Pork Pursuit, Snack Attack, Brawl, Team Brawl, Heist, Carnage, Dodge Bomb, Bomb Panic and Arcade! 
Felonious Fashion Customize your criminal looks in one of many classic bandit disguises.
Wicked Weaponry Choose from 20 different weapons, from baguette leaf blowers to rocket launchers
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Rubber Bandits - PC Digital