100W PD USB-C™ Super Charger Model: JUP44100


  • Provides an enormous 100W pool of charging power:
    – 2-port USB-C power delivery & 2-port USB Type-A Quick Charge
  •  When charging 2 laptops it automatically balances up to 60W output:
    – 1 USB-C power delivery port provides up to 100W output
    – When using 4 ports simultaneously, the USB-C port provides up to 60W and the USB Type-A port provides up to 18W QC 3.0
  •  Suitable for mobile phones, tablets, consoles and notebooks
    – Provides up to 100W of power to power the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro®
    – Provides sufficient power for high-consuming laptops such as the Dell Vostro 5471 and HP® Spectre TPN-Q178
    – Supports PD PPS for 26W fast charging for Note10+
  •  Time required to fully charge your devices:
    – iPhone® 11 Pro: 2 hours
    – iPad Pro® 11”: 2 hours
    – MacBook Pro® 13″: 1.5 hours
    – MacBook Pro® 15.4”: 1.5 hours
    – MacBook Pro® 16”: 1.5 hours
  •  Save 1 hour of charging time compared to an Apple® 61W charger when charging a MacBook Pro® 15.4”
  •  Green energy savings through PFC (Power Factor Correction) to reduce its carbon footprint
  •  Built-in intelligent IC to automatically identify devices
  •  Surge, overcharging, overcurrent and overheating protection to ensure safe charging
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