The Best Gaming Accessories for an Immersive Experience: Best Accessories for the Best Performance!

We all know that when it comes to gaming accessories, having the right one will save your gaming sessions in a pinch! Whether you’re blasting zombies, building a science based city, or just farming it out in a chill session, the best gear will compliment your gaming to the next level.

Prepare to be captivated as we unveil a handpicked selection of the absolute best gaming gear, meticulously crafted to elevate your gaming experience to unprecedented heights. From thunderous audio to lightning-fast precision, these accessories will ignite your senses and propel you into a world of unparalleled immersion and excitement. Get ready to embark on a gaming adventure like no other!


Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset with Blue Vo!ce

Based on the award-winning PRO Gaming Headset design, the PRO X Wireless headset features high-quality materials with that 7.1 surround sound channel that can help for greater positional and distance awareness of objects in-game!

Now you can hear where those pesky footsteps are coming from and your friends won’t call you noob for not knowing where the enemy is shooting from. This headset is even compatible with consoles like the PS4, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch!

To add on that, your teammates will be able to hear your clear, crisp voice from this Blue VO!CE microphone technology, macam dekat sebelah je your callouts! Also with its LIGHTSPEED wireless capabilities, it has up to 20+ hours of battery life and 13+m of 2.4 GHz wireless range, perfect for gaming on the couch, all relaxed and optimized for the comfiest gaming sessions!

For one of the best selling Logitech headsets, get it now for only RM589.90!


Logitech G512 Lightsync Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Unleash your inner speed demon with the advanced gaming technology that is the Logitech G512 Lightsync Mechanical Gaming Keyboard! Crafted from incredibly strong and durable 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy, this keyboard is simple, durable, and full featured!

With its customizable lighting and animations with the Logitech G Hub Software, this keyboard is perfect to be tailored for any and all gaming needs! I even have a few profiles set up such as FPS profiles for precision gaming (I’ll never miss a b-hop ever again) and MMO profiles for when I need to hit a bazillion buttons in rotation so that my parses are perfect!

All this only works with their advanced GX mechanical switches, which are engineered and 100% tested for performance, responsiveness, and durability. (trust me when I say these babies click so well!) Grab this for only RM298.90! (original price RM546.90)

Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse

Now for the creme de la creme! The Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse is possibly one of the best gaming mice I’ve used so far! Offering on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment through its dedicated DPI buttons (which are totally reprogrammable) this gaming mouse has all I need for not only gaming, but creative work as well!

Also customizable with its RGB lighting having over nearly 16.8 million colors, it can synchronize with your gameplay and even create personal RGB animations for your own usage!

The strongest point it has could quite possibly be its HERO 25k optical sensor for its maximum tracking accuracy and precision, with zero smoothing and zero acceleration, this gaming mouse is perfect for high intensity, highly competitive games! Coming in at only RM149 (original price Rm399.90) this is definitely a steal! Check it out now!

Microsoft Xbox Series Wireless Controller – Starfield Limited Edition

Okay, okay, here’s one for the best looking custom controllers out there! Starfield is launching soon and what better way than to celebrate that with this Limited Edition Xbox Series Wireless Controller!

As far as controller haptics goes, this one has it all! Noting the general usefulness of an Xbox controller already, this one is just decorated with the sleekest design possible right now! Stay on target throughout the galaxy with a bronze, metallic hybrid D-pad, or peer inside the transparent triggers to see bronze rumble motors working to propel your gaming adventure even further!

Of course this controller is compatible with Xboxes, PCs, and mobile devices as well, so it’s time to fly to the stars with this epic limited edition controller for only RM449.90!

G-Story 15.6 Inch Portable Gaming Monitor

Don’t say high quality gaming can’t be brought on the go! We understand that we wrote about the capabilities of the ASUS ROG Ally and Nintendo Switch, but that doesn’t mean that those are the only ways of bringing it on the go.

The G-Story 15.6 Inch Portable Gaming Monitor is perfect for those serious gamers who want the best looking visuals alongside portability! With its FHD Picture & Ultra Slim capabilities, it comes with a 15.6 inch IPS touchscreen (as with its name) with FHD(1920*1080) native resolution!

This portable beast is compatible with multiple devices, ranging from laptops, computers (duh!) phones, Xbox One, Playstations, the Nintendo Switch, and many more! As they say, extend your vision, convenient for on-the-go for only RM999.90!

ESPL The Thyphon Gaming Chair

To top it all off, we will be needing a throne that fits a king/queen! ESPL The Thyphon Gaming Chair is the perfect chair for uninterrupted gaming!

Merging performance, comfort, and style all together in a perfect harmony, this egonomically designed chair is perfect for binge gaming in order to get that perfect ending!

Made out of thick cold cure foam, the highest quality of PU leather is then attached and meticulously embedded into the Thyphon! (Warning: Don’t fall asleep on the chair while gaming!) Available in three colors for only RM799.90!


Embark on an unforgettable gaming odyssey with the perfect selections of gaming accessories that redefine what it means to be a true gaming champion. Get all these awesome deals today! Don’t say Gamer’s Hideout tak payung!

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