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ZUS Coffee Gift Card


It’s Time For A New Age Of Coffee
For many, coffee is a daily need.
Specialty coffee, however, is often seen as a luxury, something you treat yourself to only on special occasions. We started ZUS Coffee to change this perception.

We Are All About Customer Experience

Specialty Coffee Made Affordable
We source our own unique coffee beans from Brazil FAF and roast them locally. Taking full control of the quality and price point to make specialty coffee affordable for everyone.

Quality & Convenience
We pride ourselves on serving you great coffee at your great convenience. Freshly brewed ZUS Coffee, handcrafted in-store, delivered straight to you.

Online To Offline
We make it so easy for you to order your favourite drink on the go, before collecting in-store or having it delivered to your doorstep, with just a few taps on ZUS Coffee App,

ZUS Coffee Gift Card