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Valve Steam Deck OLED Handheld Gaming Console

RM3,699.00 RM3,999.00 Save RM300.00
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Valve Steam Deck OLED Handheld Gaming Console

Stunning HDR OLED display Immerse yourself in the gaming world with the HDR OLED display revealing brighter whites and richer blacks. Designed for gaming enthusiasts, the striking contrast, brilliant clarity, and larger screen size redefine your gameplay, bringing vivid colors and motion to life. Anti-glare technology The 1TB model features anti-glare etched glass, setting a new level of eye comfort for gamers. The game seamlessly in both bright and dim lighting without distracting glares and reflections. Adding a layer of sophistication to the device, the glass provides a premium touch to your gaming sessions. Bonus carrying case The 1TB models come bundled with a carrying case that features a removable liner.

Ideal for when you want to throw it into your backpack, this liner protects the Steam Deck without the need for a hard case or its bulkiness. The perfect option for gamers on the go! Revamped internals With the new Steam Deck OLED, we’ve upgraded our systems to deliver a gaming powerhouse with extended gaming time and super-smooth gameplay. Enjoy long gaming sessions thanks to the OLED display’s increased energy efficiency and its larger battery boasting 30-50% more battery life. Plus, the high-performance AMD APU ensures your games run seamlessly without interruptions. Faster downloads Experience lightning-fast downloads with this console’s integrated Wi-Fi 6E technology.


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