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The Legend of Heroes : Kuro no Kiseki 2 Crimson SiN - Playstation 4

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The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki 2 Crimson SiN - PS4 英雄传说: 黎之轨迹2 绯红之罪

The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki 2 Crimson SiN - PS4. A unique battle system that seamlessly connects from field battles to command battles. The LGC camping element that changes the LAW/GRAY/CHAOS parameters according to the player's actions, etc. The strengths of the previous game "Legend of Heroes, Tracks of Lai" are inherited and improved in this game. It provides a more comfortable playing experience and a more enjoyable game system!

Game Overview

The year 1209.

The Republic of Calvard regained its former peace after the threat of the mafia organization "Armata" was gone.

Then one day, in a corner of the capital of Edith City, a bizarre incident occurs in which a CID (Central Intelligence Division) special forces is murdered.

The Calvard Police and Bracer Guild started to investigate the case, while underground organizations smell new trouble and use the incident to take an action.

Meanwhile, Spriggan Van Arkide also begins investigating after receiving a visit from an unexpected person.

Who was the one who caused the murder? What is the purpose? And what will happen to Agnes in searching for his great-grandfather's last legacy, the "Eighth Genesis".

The roar of the crimson-black beast and an encounter with a boy and girl looking for "something" will lead them to a Trail of inescapable cause and effect.

英雄传说: 黎之轨迹2 绯红之罪


以及根據玩家採取的行動使 LAW / GRAY / CHAOS 參數變動的LGC陣營要素等
前作『英雄傳說 黎之軌跡』的優點在本作中都獲得承襲與改進,



在黑手党组织 "Armata "的威胁消失后,卡尔瓦德共和国又恢复了往日的平静。
谁是制造谋杀案的人?其目的是什么?以及艾格尼丝在寻找他曾祖父的最后遗产--"第八个创世纪 "时将会发生什么。
红黑色野兽的咆哮和寻找 "东西 "的男孩和女孩的遭遇,将把他们引向不可避免的因果关系的轨迹。