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The House Of The Dead: Remake - Nintendo Switch

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The House Of The Dead: Remake - NS

Your favorite zombie shooter is back from the dead! The House of the Dead: The Remake resurrects the iconic nineties arcade game for the Nintendo Switch. After numerous scientific trials, Dr. Roy Curien, expert on the Human Genome Theory, succeeds in finding a way to resurrect the dead – at the cost of his sanity.

Fearing the mad scientist, researcher Sophie Richards contacts her AMS friends Thomas Rogan and Agent G for help. Together they must make their way through a house of horrors, fending off throngs of zombies at each turn as they attempt to save laboratory staff and stop Dr. Curien from further madness.

Game Features

•  A complete remake of the arcade smash hit House of the Dead

•  Updated visuals, sound, and mechanics

•  New cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes including Zombie Horde mode

•  An integrated achievement system for added replay value

•  Unlock a bestiary of creatures to help identify enemy weaknesses

The House Of The Dead: Remake - Nintendo Switch