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Tales of Symphonia Remastered - Playstation 4

RM118.90 RM199.00 Save RM80.10

Tales of Symphonia Remastered - PS4

Tales of Symphonia Remastered - PS4. The world will be saved. If we lose her. The world ofSylvaranthas been plagued by mana exploitation and calamity byDesians, an evil group supposedly sealed off by the hero, Mithos, 4,000 years ago.

Game Overview

Colette, the daughter of an angel, receives an oracle and sets out on a journey for the rebirth of the world with her childhood friend, a boy named Lloyd. If she is reincarnated as an "angel," this world will be saved...

Believing this, Lloyd and his friends take on numerous challenges. However, the rebirth ofSylvarantmeant the decline of the inverse world ofTethe'alla, which is inextricably linked to it. For one to prosper, the ther must be sacrificed. Is this inevitable...? This feeling overlaps with that of Colette, who gradually loses her humanity as she gets closer to the "angel"...​

Game Features

Improved graphics and playability
In addition to improved graphics, this title has added an event skip function, improved some specifications such as the date notification on the save screen, and improved playability. Other updates include frame rate stabilization during battles, and improved sea movement performance when operating ships.

Coordination is the key to action battles!​
You can enjoy party action battles, as usual, making full use of a variety of battle strategies and systems, such as combos that freely combine a variety of “ Skills/Magic”, “Special Attack” with flashy effects, and “ a unison attack”, which are coordinated techniques. Work together with your friends to create Skills/Magic and destroy the enemy!​