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Tales of Arise - Playstation 5

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"Walls can be destroyed"
Lost memories and suffering, an inseparable mask. Discover the purpose of Rena's control. Use the Blazing Sword to cut through the mysteries that stand in your way and seize the future. 300 years ago, the world of Dahna was invaded by another neighboring world, Rena, and has been under its control ever since. In Dahna, a young man takes up the sword after an encounter with a mysterious girl.
A story of liberation filled with turbulence, woven by expressive characters depicted by evolved graphics and a powerful battle system. The latest in the Tales of series!

Experience a new take on a classic RPG series with Tales of Arise for PlayStation 5. This entry in the Tales series takes place on two worlds, Dahna and Rena, full of fascinating characters and locations. Tales of Arise features an all-new dynamic battle system, which delivers exciting action while retaining classic Tales gameplay features.

Features :
- Experience the next chapter in the Tales of series, brought to life in stunning HD powered by Unreal Engine 4
- Dynamic Action RPG featuring an updated battle system that retains classic Tales of gameplay
- Rich story featuring a vibrant world and new cast of characters
- High quality animation created by ufotable
- Tales of Arise offers fans the ability to experience the game on PlayStation 4 or on PlayStation 5 at no additional charge

Tales of Arise - Playstation 5 Tales of Arise - Playstation 5 Tales of Arise - Playstation 5 Tales of Arise - Playstation 5 Tales of Arise - Playstation 5