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Saints Row Notorious Edition - Playstation 5


Saints Row Notorious Edition - PS5 黑街聖徒 惡名昭彰版

In Saints Row Notorious Edition - PS5, experience the biggest and best Saints Row playground ever created; the unique sprawling world of Santo Ileso is the backdrop for a wild, larger than life sandbox of thrilling side hustles, criminal ventures and blockbuster missions, as you shoot, drive, and wingsuit your way to the top.

Game Overview

As the future Boss, with Neenah, Kevin, and Eli by your side, you’ll form The Saints – and take on Los Panteros, The Idols, and Marshall as you build your empire across the streets of Santo Ileso and battle for control of the city. Ultimately Saints Row is the story of a start-up company, it’s just that the business The Saints are in happens to be crime.

Express yourself and unleash your inner Saint, with the most advanced suite of customization tools yet seen in an open-world game – make your character, your car and your crew your own.

Game Features

Witness the Birth of The Saints
Play through an action blockbuster original story full of criminality, extraordinary scenes and signature surprises laced with humor.

Discover the Weird, Wild, West
Dive in to Santo Ileso, the biggest and best Saints Row playground ever, spread across nine unique districts surrounded by the vast, majestic beauty of the Southwest Desert.

Build Your Criminal Empire
Take over the city block by block, wage war against enemy factions and tighten your grip on the streets with ingenious criminal ventures.

Fire Guns. LOTS of Guns
 Shoot revolvers from the hip, fire and forget with a rocket launcher, or obliterate up close using melee heavyweights, complete with brutal takedowns. A vast variety of familiar and exotic weapons, all customizable, and all deadly fun.

Take to the Streets and the Skies
Blast through urban and desert environments in any one of the cars, bikes, planes, helicopters, VTOLs, hoverbikes, hoverboards, go-karts or equip your wingsuit to swoop around.

Unprecedented Customization
Create the Boss of your dreams, with the most extensive character customization suite ever seen in the series, then complete the look with incredible options for weapons and vehicles.

Seamless Co-Op
Experience everything on offer with a friend at any time, via fully untethered drop-in / drop out co-op, skipping the need to take either of you out of the outlandish action. Play nice together, or play all new pranks on your team mate. After all, who’s the Boss now.

黑街聖徒 惡名昭彰版
玩家身為未來的老大,在妮娜、凱文和伊萊等人的幫助下,將會創立「聖徒」,對抗豹子幫、偶像派及馬歇爾等敵對勢力,在聖托伊列索的街道上打造屬於自己的帝國,爭奪這座城市的主導權。說到底,《Saints Row》講述的就是一家新創公司的故事,只不過這家公司的業務內容碰巧是犯罪罷了。
體驗《Saints Row》系列有史以來最大最棒的遊戲場景:聖托伊列索這個獨特的廣闊世界造就了狂野、超乎想像的沙盒舞台,其中充滿驚心動魄的副業、犯罪事業和各種震撼力十足的任務,讓玩家靠著槍法、駕駛技術與飛鼠裝,一路攀上犯罪界的巔峰。


深入聖托伊列索這個有史以來最大最棒的《Saints Row》遊戲舞台,探索 9 個獨特區域,周圍皆被廣闊無際、雄偉壯麗的西南沙漠所環繞。







Notorious Edition includes:

1. Base Game
2. Idols Anarchy Pack
3. Saints Criminal Customs
4. Lost Panteros American Muscle Bundle
5. Expansion Pass 

Saints Row Notorious Edition - Playstation 5 Saints Row Notorious Edition - Playstation 5 Saints Row Notorious Edition - Playstation 5 Saints Row Notorious Edition - Playstation 5 Saints Row Notorious Edition - Playstation 5 Saints Row Notorious Edition - Playstation 5 Saints Row Notorious Edition - Playstation 5