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FUNKO POP! Movies: Avatar- Miles Quaritch

From RM79.90

Pop! Movies: Avatar (2009) - Miles Quaritch


Funko is known for its pop culture-inspired figurines, and they’re about to release a new wave based on the Avatar movie. Each figure is designed to capture the look of the corresponding character in the film, including their unique facial features and clothing.

The movie Avatar is now 13 years old. Its writer and director James Cameron is preparing a return (which he hopes will be triumphant) to theaters with four more sequels, turning his film into a veritable saga. Avatar 2 is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2022. Released in 2009, the movie Avatar brought significant innovations in visual effects and is quoted as one of the most revolutionary films of the time. Return back to Pandora as they are all NOW AVAILABLE!


Vinyl figure is approximately 4-inches tall.

pop! movies: avatar (2009) jake sully (copy) pop! movies: avatar (2009) miles quaritch pop! movies: avatar (2009) miles quaritch