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MotoGP 22 -Playstation 4

From RM198.90

MotoGP 22 -PS4

MotoGP 22 -PS4 continues the great legacy of the franchise, adding amazing new features to the game. (NINE) Season 2009 is a brand-new mode to re-live one of the most incredible seasons in the MotoGP history. Players will enjoy a real docu-film narrated by Mark Neale, director of the best MotoGP documentaries, with more than 50 minutes of original footage from the 2009 Season. But players won’t just witness history, they will be part of it too! In fact, the fate of the race will be in the player’s hands thanks to dedicated challenges to live again and play the most iconic moments. Players will find themselves in the boots of legendary riders such as Rossi, Pedrosa, Stoner and Lorenzo, trying to replicate history!

This year, MotoGP 22 also added new features dedicated to the newcomers, who are not familiar with the series, and to those who simply want to improve their style and master the gameplay mechanics. With the Revised Tutorial and the new MotoGP Academy now everyone can become a champion.

Bigger, sharper, faster!
MotoGP 22 includes also the full 2022 season with all the official content, including 120+ official riders and 20+ official circuits. Additionally, 70+ Historic Riders and bikes are available to bring back all the emotions of MotoGP legends.

The Managerial Career is back, allowing players to create their own team or join a real one managing every aspect of the strategy, from Bike Development to the dedicated staff that will support the rider. Players can also customize the season itself, choosing which Grand Prix they want to play from a different set of calendars.

沉浸在 MotoGP 的完整世界
探索 2022 MotoGP 最新赛季的所有内容。 超过 120 名车手,20 多处的官方赛道,及官方锦标赛的所有速度与激情感都在等著您。 如果您想回顾过去精彩赛事,那麽超过 70多位历史冠军将让您重温 MotoGP 史上的精典赛事。
2009 赛季回顾
再次体验 MotoGP 历史上最激励人心、最具标志性的锦标赛之一!
17 个章节,2009 赛季的每一场GP大赛就在您眼前! 玩家们将置身于职业生涯巅峰时期的传奇人物,如罗西 Rossi、洛伦佐Lorenzo、斯托纳Stoner和佩德罗萨Pedrosa。 在每一赛事中,您都将面临不同的挑战,亲身体验世界锦标赛最具代表性的时刻。 每场赛事都将强化其所有的内容,在开始即超过50分钟的真实镜头,完全由最佳 MotoGP 纪录片导演 Mark Neale 讲述和编导。
想成为您心中的梦想竞速车手,那新的学习成长指导将能协助您透过简短的游戏环节提昇您的驾驶技术,进入 MotoGP 学院完成梦想! 透过新的游戏挑战,您将学习所有竞赛技巧,驾驭每条赛道成为最快的车手。
深入了解有史以来最真实、最身临其境的 MotoGP 竞速赛车体验!
在 MotoGP 电玩游戏中创建您自己的世界,让比赛更加时尚与新颖:结合 5 款强大的图形编辑器,您能够自定义游戏的各方各面,从车体涂装到车手的套装等等。
创建自己的团队或加入官方团队。 选择您的员工并开发您的车款,并改造引擎、车架、空气动力学和电子设备:游戏体验完全掌控在手! 在 Moto2 和 Moto3 中创建初级团队:聘请团队经理、技术总监和车手来实现新目标。

這是第一次您將能夠在 2 人分屏模式下與您的朋友並肩競賽:千萬不要錯過這個機會!

MotoGP 22 -PS4