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MGC Proteus 3-in-1 Joycon Grip

RM94.90 RM109.90 Save RM15.00

MGC Proteus 3-in-1 Joycon Grip

Transform and play 3 ways on your phone and Switch console with innovative and comfortable grip for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons ever created! Enjoy using this with either your iPhone or Android phone.


Mobile mode
Enjoy top mobile titles on your phone featuring controller support like Call of Duty, Genshin Impact and more! Compatible with iPhone and Android devices!

Play and charge
Need to play and charge? The grip features a magnetic door to attach a cable to your phone while playing!

Switch mode
Play your favorite Switch games in handheld mode with the comfort of optimized ergonomics!

Controller mode
Connect wirelessly to either your controller-compatible mobile device OR Nintendo Switch console for the ultimate in ergonomic comfort!

mgc proteus 3 in 1 joycon grip mgc proteus 3 in 1 joycon grip mgc proteus 3 in 1 joycon grip