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Lens Anti Scratch Ring

RM49.90 RM129.90 Save RM80.00

Lens Anti Scratch Ring

The Lens Anti Scratch Ring is specially designed for people who use glasses, it protects your VR lens and glasses from scratches when you use VR headset, easy to install and remove. It adopted light-leakage design, greatly reduce the light leakage and make you more immersed. There are different thickness to choose from. Lightweight, convenient, compatible with Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift S or Oculus Go, it is a good companion for your VR headset. 

High quality material
Protectors are made of high quality silicone, soft and durable. It won’t scratch your glasses and protect your VR lens.

Wide compatibility
Compatible for Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Rift S or Oculus Go. The three protrusions of the black frame align with the three dents around the VR glasses.

Light weight
Lightweight material, the weight is negligible. You can wear it without any burden.

Prevent Light-Leaking Design
The silicone ring is designed to prevent light leakage, which can better enhance the immersion experience. When you are wearing glasses and playing VR, you no longer need to worry that the glasses will scratch the VR lens. AMVR Lens Anti-scratch Pad Silicone Ring can protect your VR lens from scratches.

Lens Anti Scratch Ring Lens Anti Scratch Ring