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KIWI DESIGN VR Cable Management

RM49.90 RM149.90 Save RM100.00

KIWI DESIGN VR Cable Management

Playing without Wire Worries
With KIWI DESIGN VR Cable Management , you won't be tangled by the cable in middle of the game. With the cable being out of the way, you can have better gaming experience. They keep your cable off the ground, which makes it easier to bend down and get up without the cable getting stuck under your feet. This kit is a very high quality kit coming with everything you need to get your cable to hang and to stay out of your way while using your VR headset. While in VR the cable is pretty much gone and you will feel nothing besides a very small resistance on the cable but it not resticing anything at all, this might go away as the pulleys are used more and become looser. Movement feels free and you never had to worry about getting your feet tangled in the cord.

Exclusive Design
Our 360 degree retractable Oculus Quest 2 cable pulley system can be adjusted with the weight of the cable system and rebound automatically. The hooks with adhesive plates hold very well to the drop ceiling, and are not very visible.

Easy to Install
Just add some tape to a few of the pulley's connection points with the cord.

Compatiable for All VR Headsets
KIWI design VR Cable Management Kits are Perfect and Must Have for Oculus Quest 2/ Quest/ Oculus Rift S/HTC Vive/ Vive Pro/ Vive Cosmos/Samsung Odyssey VR/ Sony PlayStation/ Microsoft MR VR/ Valve Index and so on.


KIWI DESIGN VR Cable Management KIWI DESIGN VR Cable Management