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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Deluxe Edition - Playstation 4

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Deluxe Edition - PS4

Game Overview

A story-driven, action adventure combining exploration with fast-paced combat. As Kena, players find and grow a team of charming spirit companions called the Rot, enhancing their abilities and creating new ways to manipulate the environment.
Kena, a young Spirit Guide, travels to an abandoned village in search of the sacred mountain shrine. She struggles to uncover the secrets of this forgotten community hidden in an overgrown forest where wandering spirits are trapped.

Game Features

Find the Rot
Timid and illusive spirits scattered throughout the forest. They maintain balance by decomposing dead and rotting elements.

Build Your Team
Find and collect Rot to gain powerful abilities, make discoveries, and transform the environment.

A forgotten village and a strange curse. Draw on the power of the Spirit Realm to restore this once-majestic world.

Fast-Paced Combat
Spirits have become corrupt, trapped, and unable to move on, challenging Kena at every turn.

Deluxe Edition Includes
Base Game, Official Digital Soundtrack, Unique Kena Staff, Golden Rot Skin, Retail Exclusive Sticker Sheet, and Unique Celebration Hats for Rot.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Deluxe Edition