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Just Dance 2023 Code In Box - PS5

From RM178.90

Just Dance 2023 Code In Box - PS5

Just Dance 2023 Code In Box - PS5. Welcome to a new era of dance with Just Dance® 2023 Edition! Now with online multiplayer, personalization, 3D immersive worlds, and new songs and modes year-round, you can experience a never-ending dance party all year long!

Game Features

Online Multiplayer
Play Just Dance with whoever you want, wherever they are, with this brand-new feature! Invite up to five players to dance with and find out who has the best moves.

New User Interface
Spend more time dancing and less time searching thanks to a new, more modern, and intuitive user interface. Everything is one click away: playlists, game modes and songs!

Personalized Experiences
Unlock custom-made sessions and songs tailored to your preferences and playing habits. Plus, Just Dance will keep track of your progress and scores, so you can show off your dancing skills!

Just Dance 2023 is your on-demand dancing platform!

• R3 Asia (NS - code redeemable on Hong Kong E-shop only and may include a 7-day free trial NS Online Membership ; and PS5 - code redeemable on Asia countries' PSN only)

Just Dance PS5