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HORI Fighting Stick Alpha Silent for Playstation

From RM799.90

HORI Fighting Stick Alpha Silent

■ Compatibility with PlayStation®5/PlayStation®4/PC

■ Easy Maintenance
You can easily open the casing to access the internals for maintaining the joystick and buttons.

■ Original Custom Design
You can customize the top design panel according to your original design preferences.

■ Equipped with Button Lock Mode
Comes with a button lock mode to prevent accidental button presses.

■ Customizable Functions via Application
Utilize a dedicated application to customize various functions according to your preferences.

■ Non-slip Pads on the Bottom
Features highly stable non-slip pads on the bottom.

■ Silent Stick, Installs New Silent "HAYABUSA" Buttons

Platform Compatibility: PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PC ※1

System Requirements: USB Interface / Internet Connection Environment ※2

Supported OS: Windows®10 / 11


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