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Gulikit KingKong 3 Max Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

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Gulikit KingKong 3 Max Pro Controller

Experience unparalleled control and responsiveness with the KingKong 3 Max Pro Controller. Designed for pro-level gaming, it ensures precise movements and lightning-fast response times, giving you the edge over your opponents.

Game Features

GuliKit Patented Maglev Vibration Motor
3 Vibration modes: Maglev Super Haptic Mode, HD Rumble Mode and Rotor Vibration Mode, choose from 2 strength levels, light to strong.

Hall Joysticks and Triggers
2 Hall Effect Joysticks, 2 Hall Effect Analog Triggers For All Controller Versions, High Precision At Level 2200 AllowsFor More Delicate Joystick Micro-Control with adjustable sensitivity displayed by an LED ring.

Patented "Smartrigger"Technology
Slide The Switches On The Back To Set For Digital Triggers Enabling An Ultra-Fast Rate Of Fire For Shooting Games Or Analog Triggers Enabling Pressure-Sensitive Action For Car Racing Games

GuliKit Patented "Hyperlink" Adapter
Works With Controller For Wireless 1000Hz Polling RateAnd Helps You Win Competitive Gaming With Super Fast Response

4 Detachable Metal Rear Paddles
Equipped with four detachable long keys and a pair of replaceable semi-circular keys. Players can directly map them to any button through the gear button on the front, Simple and easy to use.

Upgraded Auto-Pilot Gaming
Record all operating instructions in the game for up to 10 minutes, and then press once to playback when needed, or press twice to play back infinitely.

Multi-Platform Support
GuliKit KK3 MAX Controller Supports Windows, Switch, Android And IOS Platforms, And Wired & Wireless Connection.


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