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Dobe Nintendo Switch TPU Protection Case for V2 (TNS-1875)

RM19.90 RM99.90 Save RM80.00

Dobe Nintendo Switch TPU Protection Case for V2 (TNS-1875)

The DOBE cover is what Nintendo Switch game enthusiasts need. Upgrade your console and always be ready for a new game. Protect your console from shocks, falls, and blows and enjoy it at any time. Made of high quality TPU material, the DOBE packaging box fits perfectly on the console and is also pleasing to the touch.

1. Compatible with Nintendo Switch
2. Brand: DOBE
3. Material: TPU
4. Protects against shocks to your Nintendo Swtich console
5. Unique design with high quality materials
6. Quick access to each console port Package Contents 1 x Case Cover Tpu Dobe

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