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8Bitdo NES30 Pro Game Controller for Nintendo Switch

RM139.90 RM169.90 Save RM30.00

8Bitdo NES30 Pro Game Controller

8Bitdo NES30 Pro Game Controller - It’s an interesting gamepad, with the styling and form factor taking cues from both the classic NES livery, and rounded SNES corners, but with a few extra tricks thrown into the mix.

8Bitdo are known for the faithful revisions of vintage gaming controllers styled on NES and SNES gamepads, which we’ve looked at in some other tutorials, however this time it’s a fresh take on a classic.

Product Features

Verything else is pretty standard on the NES30 Pro with a D-pad, ABXY buttons, and start and select. You will, however, notice that the small LED found on every other 8Bitdo controller is gone, and an epic, glowing ring around the edges of the controller is the new LED indicator.

Build Quality
8Bitdo is known for the excellent build quality and authentic feel, and the NES30 Pro is no exception. Whilst it’s not a ‘classic’ controller exactly, the button action feels fantastic, with a nice tactile response, and no sponginess on the controls. The entire gamepad is rigid, with no signs of warping or bending when pressed, strained, or flexed. 

Connecting to your devices is easy. You simply hold the start button in for two seconds to turn the controller on, and the LED on the edges will blink roughly once per second. To pair it with another device, you then hold the select button for two seconds and the LED will rapidly blink. Then you can go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and pair it.

The NES30 Pro is the best medium sized gamepad. It does everything that the regular NES and SNES style controllers did well and improves on them with superb ergonomics, a fully featured control set, and the sweet glowing LED ring.

8Bitdo NES30 Pro Game Controller