USB 3.0 Wormhole Docking Station Model: JUH320V2


  • Super Speed USB 3.0 (5 Gbps)
  • Card Reader supports: SD/MMC, MicroSD, Memory Stick
  • No installation CD is required, simply Plug-and-Play
  • Keyboard and mouse sharing between two connected computers
  • Single cable solution for files transfer
  • Clipboard texts and picture sharing
  • Speed and Convenience – Drag and drop files without a flash drive
  • Hassle Free – outperform any flash drive operation latency
  • Capacity Free – Data transfer is only limited by your computer’s hard drive
  • Save or Copy data, photos, music, videos, etc. from a memory card between the two computers
  • Compatibility: Mac to Mac, Mac to Windows, Windows to Windows, and Mac to iPad keyboard
  • No group firewall contingency
  • No concerns across different networks
  • Private & Secure: end to end between two computers
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