Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator – PC Digital


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Buy, Sell, or Flex Buy low, sell high, or just add Cards to your showcase for all to see!
Collect Over 100 Unique Cards From ripping open booster packs to buy singles, you’ll uncover dozens of vibey Cards featuring illustrations from stacks of talented artists! (Plus their rare, shiny variants!)
Master An Ever-Changing Market Reprints, rumors, rule changes, kids’ meal promos, thieves, and church condemnations will all affect the price of your treasured cards.
Win the Hearts of Customers Befriend regulars by tracking down their requests, help build their decks, and becoming a part of a sleepy seaside town!
Build The Perfect Shop Create your dream shop with a catalogue of walls, flooring, furniture, and knickknacks
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Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator - PC Digital