XIAOMI ENCHEN Hummingbird Electric Hair Clipper USB Charging Razor Hair Trimmer With 3 Hair Comb Hair Salon Style For Men. The Enchen Boost Hair Clipper more smoothness. The operating noise is less than 55 dB, much lower than the standard of around 70dB. more flexible and will allow us to meet the needs of people with different types of hair, the most recommended for those who go to cut very long hair. Then there is the Turbo mode which increases the speed to the maximum of 7000 rpm, making it easier to cut thick hair and avoid embarrassing jamming. The Xiaomi Enchen Boost Hair Clipper also adopts ESM (Energy Smart Manager) technology in integrated circuits, this corresponds to the “brain” of the product. There are a total of two modules for energy management and engine management, allowing it to run at maximum power even with the battery idling. On devices without this technology, on the other hand, there is a delay in jamming. ESM technology ensures that refills are always at a constant speed to increase battery life and avoid overheating. In any case, there is still an indicator that shows the status of the battery, whether it is “low”, in charge or “full”, thus helping us to use it in the best way.