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Gamers Hideout x Atome Ohsem October 2023

Play now, Pay Later with even BETTER deals!

The deals keep coming and they don’t stop! We, at Gamers Hideout, are excited to announce our special collaboration with Atome yet again, bringing you more crazy deals perfect for gamers! From now till the end of October 2023, the discounts you can get are upgrading so you can now buy that one game/console you have always been eyeing for an even better deal!

Ohsem Deals!

With the Gamers Hideout X Atome Ohsem October deals, you have the opportunity to save even bigger on your purchases. Here’s the deals available:

  1. RM50 Off with a minimum spend of RM350
  2. RM100 Off with a minimum spend of RM1200
  3. RM200 Off with a minimum spend of RM2400

Where to claim this Atome deal?

Starting off in the Atome App:

1. Use the search bar on top to search for “Gamers Hideout”.


2. Select claim on any of the vouchers currently available!


It’s that easy to claim your vouchers!

How to use your vouchers?

  1. Go to your account under the “Me” tab and tap on Vouchers.

2. Tap any of the vouchers, which will bring you to our website. You can then add the items you want in your cart. (image for example only)

3. Select Atome as your payment method on checkout, then tap on Voucher/Promo code.

4. Choose your voucher and tap confirm!

5. Be sure to check the discount is applied.

Complete your purchase and that’s it! You can also use the discount for physical purchases at any of our outlets, so don’t worry!

It’s as simple as that, so what are you waiting for? Claim your Atome Discount today!

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