Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Apr 26, 2024
  1. To use this feature, you need a Nintendo Account as the parent or guardian.

  2. You can't set separate parental controls for each user. If multiple kids use one console, set restrictions based on the youngest child.

  3. You can use one smartphone (with one app) to set parental controls for up to 3 consoles. You can customize restrictions for each console.


The following functions are available via Nintendo Switch Parental Controls.
  • Check which games are being played and for how long
  • Set a daily time limit for playing games
  • Restrict the use of certain features
  • Confirm or change your PIN
Check which games are being played and for how long

You can view which games each user has played and for how long. You can also access a monthly play report for each user.
Easily see what games your child has played and for how long, straight from your smartphone.


Set a daily time limit for playing games

You can set a limit on how much time users can spend playing. Once you put a daily limit in place, a notification will be displayed at the top of the screen on the console when that limit is reached. Alternatively, you can turn on "Suspend Software" to make games close automatically when the time limit is reached.*You can't set different time limits for individual users. The time limit applies to the total play time of all users of the console.*If you are playing as a parent or guardian, you should temporarily disable parental controls to prevent the time being counted towards the daily limit.
A timer is displayed while games are being played.


Restrict the use of certain features

You can set a "restriction level" based on your child's age to limit the following console features in an age-appropriate way.
  • Browsing gameplay and game news
  • Posting screenshots/videos on social media networks
  • Communicating with others (which can be restricted on a per-title basis)
  • VR Mode (3D visuals)
*There are 3 restriction levels: Child, Pre-Teen and Teen.*By choosing "Custom Settings", you can alter individual settings manually.


Automatically restricted items

When Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is in use, the following operations on the console will always require a PIN.
  • Initialize Console
  • Deleting a user
  • Deleting save data
  • Deleting screenshots and videos
  • Changing the region
  • Changing the date and time
  • Changing or deleting Internet settings (though no restrictions are placed on adding new settings)
  • Transferring users (though no restrictions are placed on transferring save data)
  • Linking to a Nintendo Account (but only if the console’s region is set to Europe)
  • Altering the maximum headphone volume (Enabling parental controls automatically turns on "System Settings" → "System" → "Lower Maximum Headphone Volume".)


Confirm or change your parental controls PIN

When you begin using Nintendo Switch Parental Controls, a PIN will automatically be assigned. This PIN will be needed in order to disable parental controls and change various settings on the console.
You can confirm or change your PIN under "Settings" in the app.


In order to use Nintendo Switch Parental Controls, your child’s console must be linked with the app.
For more details on how to link a console, see the following page.

Temporarily disabling parental controls

If you're playing as a parent or guardian, you should temporarily disable parental controls by entering your PIN. The play timer will be paused, and console restrictions will be lifted.When you log in as a parent or guardian, the Input PIN screen will be displayed. You can also access this screen by pressing the + Button when waking the console from Sleep Mode.
Temporarily disabling parental controls
*Putting the console into Sleep Mode will automatically turn parental controls back on.
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